The Lafayette Practice is a richly talented, diverse, and experienced team.

The Lafayette Practice leverages extensive networks and deep expertise to help our clients identify and embrace approaches that strengthen their infrastructures, define or redefine operations, and develop actionable plans to make real change.

The Lafayette Practice consists of long-time collaborators, senior executives, academics, researchers, financial experts, philanthropic advisors, economists, data analysts, and geographers with decades of US and international leadership. Our impact has been in community and economic development, grassroots organizing, advocacy, communications, media and crisis relations, resource mobilization, democracy building, philanthropy, and organizational advancement.

Our work is carried out in a manner that is both internally and externally consistent with organizational values, cultural/political environments, and privacy and security concerns.  We synthesize field knowledge, system analysis, and data to drive the catalytic change needed to thrive in the complex and change oriented ecology of today’s politics, funding and opportunities.