TLP’s FRIDA Fund Report Released

Letting the Movement Decide FRIDA ReportJust Released:

Letting the Movement Decide: FRIDA Grantmaking Report.
Published by The Lafayette Practice and FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, 2015.

FRIDA and TLP launched a Grantmaking Model Evaluation of FRIDA’s work in February 2015 to assess, after three grant making cycles, FRIDA’s impact and effectiveness in supporting young feminist groups. This resulting report serves to document FRIDA’s practices, test FRIDA’s assumptions on the model’s impact, and offer recommendations for improvement. This report utilizes existing materials on FRIDA’s grantmaking model, including outreach and internal documentation, and a number of interviews with FRIDA staff, advisors, founders, grantees, and applicants.  So much here to learn from, for all who are interested in equitable, participatory grantmaking.