Ford Foundation’s Susie Jolly on Peer Review Grantmaking in China


Download the Chinese translation of “Who Decides”

We recently posted about TLP’s travel to Beijing for the launch of a Chinese translation of our report Who Decides? How Peer Led Grant Making Benefits Donors, Communities, and Movements.  Ford Foundation’s Susie Jolly (Program Officer, Youth Sexuality, Reproductive Health, and Rights) shared a great recap and reflection in her blogpost “A more inclusive approach to grant making.

“…The conversations in the workshop—including questions about how to ensure community representatives are really representative and trusted, and what effective participatory practices are already underway—continued beyond the event, generating a wave of discussion among the Chinese foundation community on new media platforms. The result: Several organizations made commitments to start or further develop peer-review processes themselves.

Peer-review grant making is gaining profile internationally, in part due to the Who Decides? report. Of course, this practice is evolving and more documentation and analysis are needed. But while we learn more, we can take immediate steps to support and develop this promising approach to making grant making more open and inclusive.”

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