Lafayette Practice Report Featured in Human Rights Funding News

We’re excited to share that Matthew “Matty” ZemFL1OxogRCCxS0arvr0SyN0r_WZR-CmReIBnEvjc_C1d9sWE1fSEVX5AZfvys1_TZRJN59WErRfYC_NTn6bsiEw77-miHPL5_0TXpv8xJAPOY=s0-d-e1-ftHart’s article “Paradigm Shift: Participatory Grantmaking Comes of Age” has been published in the monthly e-newsletter and the online blog of the International Human Rights Funders Group. Hart’s article discusses our study, Who Decides: How Participatory Grantmaking Benefits Donors, Communities, and Movements.

Participatory Grantmaking Funds (PGFs) represent an important evolution in the form and practice of philanthropy, with benefits including innovation, flexibility, transparency and inclusion. PGFs can serve as a powerful intermediary between grassroots organizing and traditional donors, functioning as learning hubs for institutional donors and participants. They often offer significant technical assistance and support in addition to grants. In doing so, they help build the capacities of their grantees and their communities of concern. Read More… 

Check out the article and participate in the online conversation at the IHRFG blog.