Open Space Session on LGBTI and SHRR Movements

Report on a pre-meeting in preparation for the
2015 Ariadne Annual Meeting and Policy Briefing

On March 9th, The Lafayette Practice and Open Society Initiative for Europe convened a session in Budapest, bringing together 20 representatives of 17 funding institutions, with a shared goal of supporting LGBTI and Sexual Health/Reproductive Rights (SHRR) movements in Europe. This convening continued and expanded discussions initiated at the 2014 Ariadne Meeting, and built on the relationships and analysis further developed at the Reaching the Moveable Middle meeting in Barcelona (Fall 2014).

In the Open Space hours of 9am-1pm, participants gathered with an agenda designed to formally recruit new donor partners in Europe and to facilitate discussion toward a better informed, strategic, coordinated investment program of the philanthropic sector with the goal of resourcing LGBTI and SHRR movements, mobilizing the Moveable Middle in the region, and resisting the rise of the Right in Europe.

Session topics included:

  • Review of the 2015 Ariadne Forecast: Through an LGBTI / SHRR Lens
  • Discussion of “Reaching the Moveable Middle” convening and resulting “Joint Call to Reach the Moveable Middle”
  • Report on research re: Individual Donor mobilization
  • Discussion of Engaging Faith Communities, Leadership and Institutions

Attendees represented the following organizations: Arcus Foundation, Dreilinden gGmbH, FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund, Hivos, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Mama Cash, Mensen met een Missie, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations – Human Rights Initiative, Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), OSF, OSIFE, Sigrid Rausing Trust, The Lafayette Practice, Wellspring Advisors, Women’s Fund in Georgia.